A privately-owned company by experts who have been in the payment services industry since 1996, provides services on payments collections in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Processing more than 500 000 transactions a month  and more than $20 million in transactions a year,  the company has become one of the largest payment processors in the region. For you, this translates to stability — and significant economies of scale designed to save you money on every transaction putting more profit in your pocket.

Payportal Services Pvt. Ltd. offers high successful electronic payment solutions and services for telecommunications operators, utility operators within the region. Electronic payments solutions improve customer service, enables organizations to provide a wide range of payment options.

Payportal Services Pvt. Ltd. intelligently manage information flow between payments acceptance locations (banks, retailers, kiosks, etc.) and the billing infrastructure of telecommunications and utility companies. Solutions are widely adopted in the CIS market and other territories.

Our company establishes business relationships with operators, consumers, merchants and dealer networks, financial institutions and infrastructure providers. Payportal Services Pvt. Ltd. plays a critical role ensuring the success of the system, allowing to all parties to maximize the benefits. Payportal Services Pvt. Ltd. decreases transaction costs, reduces the risks in the payments chain and dramatically decreases the payment time.


Payportal Services Pvt. Ltd. provides:

  • Organization of payments collection (kiosks, application software).  
  • Fast and effective project delivery
  • Long term partnership approach
  • Ongoing investment in training and new technologies